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Joining The NTTL


Choose a Team.

You must select which team you would like to join. You may shoot for only one NTTL Team per year. You can fill out an NTTL membership card at your selected team’s club. They will assign you an NTTL member number. You can view all team information at the Team tab on the Home page.


Choose a Category

You must choose only ONE category. The categories are: Sub-Junior (age 12-14), Junior (age 15-17), Regular (age 18-64), Veteran (age 65-69), Senior Veteran (age 70 and up), and Ladies.

Regular class has 5 sub-classifications based on your average. D Class, C Class, B Class, A Class and AA Class. New member classification will be determined after your first five scores. Established members' classification is determined from prior year's average.


Compete in a Shoot

You must sign-up and compete in at least one league shoot prior to the schedule’s second half rotation for your score to count toward the team score. See the schedule.