About NTTL

The NTTL is composed of 12 teams that compete against each other twice per season.  Each team will compete against each other once at their home field and once at the opponent’s field.

The 12 current teams are: Adams Center, Beaver River, Brownville, Carthage, Glen-Greig, Gouverneur, Harrisville, Henderson, Lowville, Lyme, Sackets Harbor, and Sno-Fun.


Our scheduled league night to shoot is Thursday. See the schedule page for more details.

League begins in April and ends in September, with a total of 22 weeks.

Each club has their own practice night. You can visit each Teams link for their practice information.

League membership cost is $10.00 per person age 18 and above, ages 12-17 are free to join.

Costs on league night is $5.00 per person for targets. 


League is broken down into 6 classifications: Sub-Junior (age 12-14), Junior (age 15-17), Regular (age 18-64), Veteran (age 65-69), Senior Veteran (age 70+), and Ladies.

Regular class has 5 sub-classifications:  D Class (17.499 average or less), C Class (17.50- 19.999), B Class (20.00- 21.749), A Class (21.75 – 23.249), AA Class (23.50 -25.00).

New shooters will be classified after their first five scores.


Awards are eligible to shooters who shoot at least 75% of the 22 weeks. 

Awards are issued to the top 2 shooters in each class, as well as a Top Gun, High Average, and Most Improved Shooter. The Top Gun must shoot all 22 weeks to qualify. 

  • 2 points are issued to the winning team.
  • 2 points are issued to both teams if they tie at a perfect score of 125.
  • 1 point is issued to both teams if they tie with less than a 125.

The Team score is calculated by counting the top 5 scores each week.


You may shoot for only one NTTL Team per year. 

All shooters must be signed up and have competed in 1 league shoot prior to starting the second rotation on the schedule or their score will not count toward the team score.

A trophy is given to the 1st place team at our League banquet held at the end of the season.

Click here for a complete list of League Regulations.